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PROGRAM & TRACKS – Business Model Conference


We are pround to accounce the following keynote speakers:

Oliver Gassmann

Xavier Lecocq

Benoit Demil

 Chris Tucci


Each presenting author will have 20 mins for his/her presentation, followed by 10 mins discussion.



11:00 Welcome Speech by organizers Charles Baden-Fuller, Xavier Lecocq, Benoit Demil and Lorenzo Massa

11:15 Introduction Lecture part 1 by Chair Lorenzo Massa, Charles Baden-Fuller:

11:35 Introduction lecture part 2 by Benoit Demil and Xavier Lecoq

12:00:Discussion with audience (30 mins)

12.30: Lunch

13.30: Parallel sessions: Paper workshop (for late stage students); How to manage research journey and identify good research question (for early stage students)

15:00: Parallel Sessions: Paper workshop (for early stage students); How to publish BM research (for later stage students)

16:30: Concluding lecture by Oliver Gassmann

17:00 Thank you and goodbye


Participants are required to send in advance:

  • A short CV that outlines (a) your academic disciplinary training at university level – first and higher degrees with dates and disciplines covered (b) briefly your full-time work experience (if significant) (c) your current university and PhD programme with entry and planned finish dates and whether your PhD has a formal training requirement of seminars and lectures, (d) any papers published or submitted to conferences
  • A brief statement (1 to 3 pages) of your PhD research questions (or if you have just started, your ambition)
  • A short paragraph about yourself, your research question and (optional) a photo that can be circulated

Data protection: Your CV and brief statement will be held on university computers and university servers, and circulated among the organisers and in line with university policies will not available to anyone third party, and, if requested, these data will be destroyed after the seminar if you request this. Your short paragraph about yourself will be circulated to other participants with a request that they keep the data confidential.


Participation by inivtation only

Meeting Agenda:

16:30 Welcome

16:40 New Journal Setup

17:00 Thank you to Colin Haslam & Petri Ahokangas

17:10 Statistics and Indexing

17:30 Consolidation of Working Groups for Indexing

17:45 Social Media Strategy

18:00 Pipeline

18:15 Plenary Discussion on a 3-year plan for potential Special Issues

18:30 We leave for the editorial team dinner event

Tuesday 3rd of November

08h30-12h30: Registration is open

09h00-09h30: Welcome Speech

09h30-10h30: Opening Keynote by Professor Oliver Gassmann

10h30-11h00: Break 

11h00-12h00: Paper sessions 1

12h00-13h00: Lunch – Lunch is complimentary to the regular admission price.

13h00-14h00: Keynote by Professor Xavier Lecoq and Professor Benoit Demil 

14h00-15h00: Paper Session 2

15h00-15h30: Break

15h30-17h30: Teaching Forum and Panel Discussion (Internationalization, Block Chain & Digitalization)

17h30-19h00: Welcome Reception

The program will be updated ongoing, thus changes may occur…

The Teaching Forum aims to provide scholars an opportunity to present or demonstrate innovative teaching approaches, formats and best practices for teaching business models. 

We invite participants to the Teaching Forum at the Business Model Conference 2020. The Forum is a platform to spark inspiration and exchange among scholars and practitioners on how to introduce business model thinking to students, organizations, and the general public. The Teaching Forum aims to bring participants to: 

  • present or demonstrate innovative teaching formats and best practices for teaching business models, ranging from specific techniques to entire curricula 
  • present or demonstrate contributions on the usefulness of certain methods, models, tools or frameworks,
  • spark collegial discussions on how to advance the use of business model thinking in teaching practice, 
  • share experiences and build connections with other scholars in the field of business models.

To participate as presenter, please send a brief expression of interest indicating a running title and short description (25-50 words) of your contribution to THIS EMAIL until 15 April 2020. We will shortly after that date get back to you with details on the session and venue.


Teaching Forum Organizers

Christina Bidmon
Post Doctoral Researcher,
Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics

Peter Kesting
Associate Professor,
Aarhus University

Anna B. Holm
Associate Professor,
Aarhus University

Wednesday 4th of November

9hoo – 10h30: Session 3

10h30-11h00: Break 

11h00-13h00: Session 4

13h00-14h00: Lunch – Lunch is complimentary to the regular admission price.

14h00-15h00:  Closing Keynote – TBA

15h00 – 15h15: Farewell speech


The program will be updated ongoing, thus changes may occur…

The business tacks brings together top academic scholars and industry leaders and learn how to advance business model thinking in practice.

Participants will acquire the latest research-based knowledge on business models in a design that ensures a return on time invested, regardless of prior knowledge in the field. The track is a unique chance to get one step ahead of the trends, master the skills of designing scalable businesses of the future and enhance competitiveness in an ever-changing environment.  

The 1-day company visit is specially reserved for a company visit of choice. It will be possible to visit a start-up to watch, a high-tech venture or a big corporate. These companies have been carefully selected to give you the best insight on disruptive business models, industry 4.0 or the portfolio of internationalization. Please note that is only possible to visit one company per person.  

The program is relevant for all c-level executives, visionary leaders, project managers, business developers, innovators and consultants from both private and public organizations; in fact, all professionals that wants to network and get ready for tomorrows marketplace, as todays business model may not be relevant tomorrow.  

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