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Each presenting author will have 20 mins for his/her presentation, followed by 10 mins discussion.

On this page, you will find an overview of tracks and time frames of the conference.

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Christopher Tucci

Christopher Tucci

Imperial College London

United Kingdom

Oliver Gassmann

Oliver Gassmann

University of St. Gallen


Marcel Bogers

Marcel Bogers

Eindhoven University of Technology


Xavier Lecocq

Xavier Lecocq

University of Lille


Benoit Demil

Benoit Demil

University of Lille


Tracks &

4. October 2021

PhD Workshop Room 2.1.042

11:00 Welcome Speech by organizers

11:15 Introduction Lecture

12:00 Discussion with audience (30 mins)

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Parallel sessions*: Paper workshop

15.30 Break

16.00 Concluding lecture

17:00 Departure for the PhD-dinner

*According the profiles of the PhD Students and their projects, parallel sessions will be organized (we may focus on research design for earlier stage projects on one hand, and focus on the contributions and outputs for later stage PhD students on the other hand).

For further information on the PhD workshop click here


This Ph.D. course is a one-day event, aiming focusing on technology-based entrepreneurship and introduce different perspectives on innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, business development and strategy. Throughout the day there will be short lectures from both researchers and technology driven companies, a small workshop and a panel discussion, taking up the participating Ph.D.’s questions on the area of technology-based entrepreneurship. This course allows for networking with peers interested in technology-based entrepreneurship coming from various backgrounds, institutions, disciplines and countries.  

For more information and sign-up click here

Note that sign-up deadline is September 25th

Journal of Business Models Editorial Advisory Board Meeting

Journal of Business Models' Editorial Advisory Board Meeting will take place prior to the Business Model Conference. 

Day 1
5. October 2021

Main track

08:30-12:30 Registration is open
09:00-09:15 Welcome speech - Auditorium
09:15-10:00 Opening keynote (online) by Professor Oliver Gassmann
10:00-10:30 Break
10:30-12:00 Parallel session 1
12:00-13:00 Lunch 
13:00-14:30 Parallel session 2 
14:30-15:00 Break
15:00-16:30 Parallel session 3
16:30-17:15 Keynote Professor Xavier Lecocq and Professor Benoit Demil
17:15 Departure for networking and wine at dinner location
19:00 Conference dinner 


The programme will be updated ongoing, thus changes may occur…

Business Design; Den digitale transformation

08:00 Registrering åbner


09:00-09:15 Velkomst og åbning af konferencen

09:15-10:00 Keynote (online) ved Professor Oliver Gassmann
10:00-10:30 Pause
10:30-10:40 Åbning af Business Track ved Morten Lund og Esben Norrbom
10:40-11:10 Thor Angelo, Serieiværksætter
Fra start-up til forretning 3 eksempler fra den virkelige verden
11:10-11:40 Tom Bue, Konceptchef, Det Nordjyske Mediehus, Vigeur
Medieinnovation og vigtigheden af et neonskilt. 
11:40-12:00 Q&A med oplægsholdere
12:00-13:00 Frokost
13:00-14:30 Følge forskersporet  
14:30-15:00 Pause
15:00-16:30 IoT Spil 
16:30-17:15 Keynote ved Professor Xavier Lecocq og Professor Benoit Demil
17:15 Afgang til networking og vin før middagen
19:00 Konference middag

Special Track

The fifth stage of business model research
Future research-trajectories in business models

New trends and technologies that are currently disrupting and changing the way we do and think business. However, at the same time global geopolitical stability is deteriorating, leading to rising uncertainty for international trade. Global social issues and climate change is fostering the need for inclusiveness in business and for increased sustainability to the zero-impact level.

Furthermore, we face exogenous shocks such as the COVID-19 pandemic and other grand challenges that add to the uncertainty of doing business. Although none of these factors are unforeseen, their magnitude and recurrence have provided a platform for a massive refocusing of business and research priorities since the beginning of 2020. Therefore, the fifth stage of business model research will be known as “the role of business models in times of uncertainty”

The track is arranged by:

Annabeth Aagaard, Asssociate Professor,
Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences

Christian Nielsen, Professor, Head of Business School,
Aalborg University Business School

Business Models and Firm Internationalisation

Book panel presentation


  • Opening of the session - Christian Nielsen
  • Presentation of the book Business Models and Firm Internationalisation, to be published by Routledge, edited by Christian Nielsen, Svetla T. Marinova and Marin A. Marinov - Marin A. Marinov
  • Business Models and the Internationalisation Process - Svetla T. Marinova;
  • Framing Firm Internationalisation - A Business Model Perspective - Mika Yrjola;
  • Effects of Platform Business Models on the Outcomes and Speed of Internationalisation - Tamara Galkina;
  • Business Models of International New Ventures - Petri Ahokangas;
  • Business Models and Firm Internationalisation - What Is Missing? - Jean-Francois Hennart.
    The programme will be updated ongoing, thus changes may occur

Day 2
6. October 2021

Main track

08:30           Campus is open
09:15-10:00 Keynote by Professor Christopher Tucci
10:00 - 10:30 Break
10:30-12:00 Parallel session 4 
12:00-13:00 Lunch 
13:00-14:30 Parallel session 5
14:30-15:00 Break
15:00-16:30 Parallel session 6
16:30-17:15 Ending Keynote by Professor Marcel Bogers
17:15 -17:30 Concluding remarks 
17:30-18:30 Social small talk and seal the deal on new research partnerships
The programme will be updated ongoing, thus changes may occur

Business Design; Den digitale transformation

08:30  Campus åbner
09:15-10:00 Keynote ved Professor Christopher Tucci
10:00-10:30 Pause
10:30-10:40 Intro til Business Track session om Kunstig intelligens
10:40-11:10 Anders Kofod Pedersen, AI Ekspert
Kunstig intelligens skaber nye forretningsmodeller
11:10-11:40 Andreas Claudi, CEO & Founder Sentispec,
Customer Driven AI Business Models
11:40-12:00 Q&A med oplægsholdere
12:00-13:00 Frokost
14:30 Deltage på forsker track
14:30-15:00 Pause
15:00-15:10 Intro til Business Track session om Servitization
15:10-15:40 Troels Christian Andersen, Postdoc, Institut for forretningsudvikling og Teknologi, AU Btech
Nye forretningsmodeller indenfor servitization
15:40-16:10 Casper Harlev, CEO & Founder Sensohive
Fra sensor producent til serviceudbyder
16:10-16:30 Q&A med oplægsholdere
16:30-17:15 Keynote ved Professor Marcel Bogers
17:00-17:30 Afsluttende bemærkninger
17:30-18:30 Networking og seal the deal


The programme will be updated ongoing, thus changes may occur…

To read more about this track click here 

Legitimacy and legitimation of business models

Innovations such as novel business models suffer from low legitimacy – but business models can be also seen as devices to test the legitimacy of new technological innovations. Thus, business model innovators need to plan strategies for improving the legitimacy of their business models. The panel Legitimacy and legitimation of business models will focus on discussing the antecedents and outcomes of legitimacy and legitimation of business models in different contexts, stemming from the discussions within the Marie Skłodowska-Curie project LNETN (Legitimation of Newness and its impact on EU agenda for change). The panel will provide novel insights into how to examine legitimacy/legitimation of business models, and what we can learn by bringing legitimacy/legitimation discussion into the context of business model research.

Panel chairs: Prof. Petri Ahokangas, Prof. Romeo Turcan, and D.Sc. Marika Iivari

The discussants comprise of the ESRs (early stage researchers) of the LNETN project: Cristian Ziliberberg, Deniz Dönmez, Hamideh Saadatmanesh, Jackson Wanjiku, Julia Zhang, Louis Georges Theodore Lines, Luiza Stein, Manoella Antonieta Ramos da Silva, Olga Pojiltov, Oxana Gisca, Rashid Sadeghian Dehkordi, Saurav Kumar.