Detailed programme
of the conference

Each presenting author will have 20 mins for his/her presentation, followed by 10 mins discussion.

Conference Day 1
22. June 2022

10:30 - 12:00 | Parallel Sessions

Room A621

Session 1: Digitalization 1


Petri Ahokangas

Commitment and Competitive Advantage in a Digital World

Author(s): Ricart, Cassiman, Valentini 

Unique or adjustable business model for DLT?

Author(s): Papanikolaou, Angelis, Moustakis 

Value Drivers for e-Business Models in Emerging Economies

Author(s): Chamas   

Room A622

Session 2: Innovation 1


Jesper Chrautwald Sort

Jeans are coming home: case study of a French re-industrialisation business model

Author(s): Keohane  

Firms’ reactions to drivers and barriers of business model innovation

Author(s): Bankel, Mignon  

Organizational capabilities for Business Model Innovation in Established Firms

Author(s): Shomali, Parmentier, Gandia  

Room A623

Session 3: Teaching Workshop 10:00 - 12:00


Christina M. Bidmon

Opening Session (Christina Bidmon, 5-7 min)

  • Motivation for the workshop + focus topic 2022
  • Welcome audience & panelists

Short Presentations 5 Teaching Approaches (Panelists, 5-7min each, ca. 50 min total)

Roundtables (5 parallel roundtables, 2 rounds – ca. 50 min total)

Wrap-up (facilitated by Christina Bidmon, ca. 10 min)

13:00 - 14:30 | Parallel Sessions

Room A621

Session 5: Hybrid Business Models


Christian Nielsen

Dealing with a hybrid identity in a municipal corporation

Author(s): Williamsson, Schaad  

Selectively or Holistically Coupling Logics in Business Model Orientations: An Overview of Alternative Business Models in Farm to Fork Distribution in France

Author(s): Garreau Brulé-Gapihan Gabriagues 

Sustainability-Driven Hybrid Business Model Of Micro-Small Sized Italian Benefit Corporation

Author(s): Ferlito, Faraci  

Room A622

Session 6: Sustainability 1


Joan E Ricart

Green business model, brown business model: Incumbents’ structural separation strategies

Author(s): Bidmon   

Supporting startup sustainability: Challenges of the interplay between business model innovation and digitalization

Author(s): Hamani

A Canvas for Creating, Delivering, and Capturing Sustainable Value

Author(s): Starke, Raith  

Room A623

Session 7: Ecosystems


Olfa Chelbi

BM and ESA evolutions of a French soccer club

Author(s): Detchenique Cezar Loilier 

Complementors’ coopetition-based business models in multiplatform ecosystems

Author(s): Mohamed, Ahokangas ,Pikkarainen 


Room A624

Session 8: Creativity


Robin Roslender

Stability or creativity: how CEO’s address crisis events in business model innovation

Author(s): Pojiltov, Pojiltov  

The Four Generic Challenges of Creative Work:  A Business Model Perspective

Author(s): Lehmann, Wolken  

The future is uncertain: Foresight for business model innovation

Author(s): Dingli, Baldacchino  

15:00 - 16:30 | Parallel Sessions

Room A621

Session 9: Data Driven Dimensions


Olga Pojiltov

A journey for change : a description of the innovation of business models of incumbents towards data driven business models

Author(s): Chelbi, Souchad, Rayna 

Legitimacy challenges in Human-AI Centric business models

Author(s): Gisca, Zhang, Ahokangas, Koivumäki, Turcan

Role of digital technologies in a data-driven business model in the circular economy: a conceptual framework based on the existing literature

Author(s): Ghoreishi   

Room A622

Session 10: Sector-related Challenges


Leonie Baldacchino

Values’ contribution to social business model evolution analysis – lessons from ethical fashion 

Author(s): d’Almeida-Julien

Mainstreaming electricity demand-side management in Australia: - Mapping the business model design space & upscaling strategies

Author(s): Arsalan, Tan, Grimstad 


Room A623

Session 11: Challenges and Decisions


Sandra Dingli

A Teaching case on CUBIC’s business model dilemma: Help CUBIC balance the value propositions required by different customer segments

Author(s): Stück, Nielsen, Brøndum 

Business model imitation: definition and typology

Author(s): Bourkha   

Sustainable deeptech value proposition construction: lost in entrepreneurship support translation

Author(s): Mazza, Parmentier-Cajaiba  

Room A624

Session 12: Sustainability 2


Azadeh Shomali

Business model innovation for sustainability transitions: : a case study from the wood construction industry

Author(s): Abadzhiev, Sukhov, Johnson

Business Model Transformation driven by Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Compliance

Author(s): Chan   

Sustainability design trajectories: a visual perspective on business model innovation

Author(s): Havemo   

Conference Day 2
23. June 2022

10:00 - 12:00 | Parallel Sessions

Room A621

Session 13: Innovation 2


Christian Lehmann

Business Model Framework of the Adaptation Process

Author(s): Saltini   


Organisational learning orientation, market orientation, and organisation-centred outcome performance, the mediating role of business model novelty

Author(s): Ijntema, Barten, Tjemkes, Duits, Veenhof

Towards A Framework for Open-Innovation, Business Model, Strategy, and Beyond

Author(s): Montakhabi, Radziwon  

Room A622

Session 14: Social Dimension


Philip Doerr

A social business model: comparative study of a "cooperative, association and social enterprise

Author(s): Kandili, Bourkha  

A Typology and Taxonomy of Social Business Models in Europe

Author(s): Raith, Bau, Siebold 

How to create the world’s sexiest business model

Author(s): Jensen, Bruun  

Room A623

Session 15: Digitalization 2


Thierry Tartarin

The Archetypes of Digital Business Models

Author(s): Montakhabi, Aagaard, Ballon 

Smart City and Simplicity? Modular Business Models for Smart Cities

Author(s): Perätalo, Pohjosenperä, Ahokangas, Pekkarinen

How does Airbnb support business model innovation and replication processes through a digital platform?

Author(s): Genet, Gandia, Colombero 

Room A624

Business Track


Andrew Hoff

During this session the Business Track will have exclusive presentations and discussions on circuliarity and digitalization

Presenters for this session:

  • Wim Van Haverbeke from University of Antwerp
  • Elin Botstrom from Ecolean
  • Sampo Von Rasfeld from Eriks


12:45 - 14:15 | Parallel Sessions

Room A621

Session 16: Resilience & Flexibility


Christoph Starke

How (Open) Business Models Respond to Unanticipated Shocks?

Author(s): Montakhabi, Radziwon  

Adaptation du modèle d’affaire dans un contexte de multi-crises : le cas  des entrepreneurs libanais

Author(s): Saleh   

Flexibility, Scalability and Replicability in Business Model Design - Towards a Conceptual Framework for the Smart Energy Sector

Author(s): Sadeghian, Dehkordi, Ahokangas, Evers 

Room A622

Session 17: Entrepreneurship


Yik Yin Chan

Academic entrepreneurship: Business model design before firm foundation

Author(s): Doerr   

An Exploratory study on stakeholders engagement and sustainable entrepreneurship

Author(s): Carle, Rayna  

What Makes Your Business Model Uninvestable? Insights from Shark Tank

Author(s): Montakhabi   

Room A623

Session 18: Implementation & Measurement


Efstathios Papanikolaou

Business Model Performance Indicators: A Systematic Review and Repository

Author(s): van de Ven, Lara Machado, Athanasopoulou, Aysolmaz, Türetken

Operationalising Business Models – the forgotten avenue of BM research?

Author(s): Sort, Roslender  

Determining Business Model Operations using Business Processes: a Systematic Review

Author(s): Lara Machado van de Ven, Aysolmaz, Athanasopoulou, Turetken